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About Me

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Hi. I’m Ruth. I’m a licensed attorney in Arizona. I graduate from law school at Arizona State University in 2011 and opened Carter Law Firm in January 2012. After 9 years in the mental health industry, I realized that I didn’t like being a therapist anymore, so I went to law school. Thankfully, I discovered that I really liked the law, and that I was remarkably good at it, particularly intellectual property and internet law.  Working in the law gave me a chance to continue to be an advocate, have a more active role, and ultimately a more significant impact.

I had my 30 seconds of fame and received national attention in the legal community with my Sponsor A Law Kid program during my last year of law school.

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I participated in my first flash mob in January 2009.  That led me to want to work in “prank law” and First Amendment work, which was featured in Niche to Meet You in Law Practice Magazine. These events are usually announced on the internet along with videos and blogs from the events. I did an interview in 2011 about how when an event goes poorly, it can result in criminals incriminating themselves through social media.

Another legal issue that is very dear to me is preventing bullying, especially cyberbullying. I’ve been through it as an adult, and it’s something that I do not wish on anyone, especially a child. I would love to work with schools to draft effective regulations, empower educators to enforce the rules, and if necessary, help victims assert their rights online and in their schools.

As a professional, I plan to be an educator and a problem solver for my clients. I want clients who call me up and say, “We have this great idea, but we’re not sure it’s exactly legal.” I enjoy tinkering with problems and considering all the ways that we could run with an idea. I developed a love of working with entrepreneurs when I spent a semester in ASU’s Innovation Advancement Program where I worked with new business owners to draft contracts and website terms of service.  Please see my full resume on LinkedIn.

I love writing and speaking about legal issues. One of my career goals is to be a regular public speaker on legal issues related to the internet. I have spoken about a variety of issues at Ignite Phoenix #5, Podcamp AZ, Social Media Club Phoenix, Glendale Community College, and on the Law School Interactive podcast.  Besides my blog, I have written numerous posts on Legal Blog Watch and I co-authored a chapter in The Growing Gap Between Emerging Technologies & Legal-Ethical Oversight.

In my free time, I am a co-founder of Improv AZ – a local flash mob group in Phoenix, and a volunteer with Ignite Phoenix. My work with Improv AZ made me a finalist for the 2011 Phoenix New Times Big Brain Awards for the performing arts. I also enjoy running, hiking, singing, and writing.

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