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The Legal Side of Blogging – Part 4 of 4: Can My Blog Get Me Killed?


The Legal Side of Blogging – Part 3 of 4: Can My Blog Get Me Fired?


The Legal Side of Blogging – Part 2 of 4: Can My Blog Get Me Arrested?


The Legal Side of Blogging – Part 1 of 4: Can My Blog Get Me Sued?


Day 8/90 – I Almost Met The Namby Pamby

I’ve known of The Namby Pamby since law school. He’s my favorite Cheez-It loving lawyer. Behind his alter ego, he tells the truth of what it’s like to be an associate at a big law firm (or so he claims). I can usually count on him to make me laugh.

The Undeniable Plans for 2014

I think I get to just live for year. But of course I have plans for how I’d like to spend my time.

Undeniable Recap of 2013

It’s been an incredible year. I’ve had so many things happen that I had to start keeping notes months ago to keep up with all the awesome things that were happening – personally and professionally. It’s really hard to pare the list of top events from the year.

Self-Publishing vs Using a Publisher – The Joys and Frustrations

Both types of publishing come with their joys and frustrations. I love the independence of being an indie author but then the responsibility is on me to do everything (or find people to outsource to). On the flip side, I’ve had a mostly great experience working with my publishing teams, but that also means more cooks in the kitchen and having to play by their rules.

Just When I Thought My Book Was Finished . . .

When I turned my manuscript over to them, I thought I was basically done except of approving my cover art and proofreading edits. The team loves my book and said it’s a great first draft, but they’ve asked for a re-write which might include a re-arrangement of chapters, a new forward, and changing the forward into an afterword. I appreciated the feedback and I’m all for putting out the best book possible, but it’s going to be a challenge timewise.

Undeniable Recap of 2012