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Flash Mobs Are Not Crimes


Paying It Forward to an Aspiring Flash Mob Organizer

Her message came in around 8pm my time, so that means it was 11pm her time. What 15 year-old sends thoughtful emails to a lawyer late on a Friday night? I was inspired to help her. I scooped up my phone and responded with, “Give me a call. Right now. I’ll give you some tips,” and I included my personal cell phone number. I’m sure she didn’t expect that.

Reconciling my Personal & Professional Lives – or Not

A friend recently suggested I write a blog post about how I reconcile my professional life with the fact that I do flash mobs and wear pasties. My initial thought in response to that was “I don’t.”

Day 35/90 – Bodyscaping Photography

One of the types of photo work Ben does is called bodyscaping. It’s a type of photography that is usually in black and white that focuses on shapes made with lighting and the curves of the body. . . . When done well, the resulting photos are absolutely gorgeous. Ben does an excellent job of capturing your best angles and making your eyes sparkle.

Day 33/90 – Breakfast with Jeff

One of my friends once asked, “Do you ever have a dull day?” The answer is “Yes,” and to be honest, it’s often the most pedestrian activities that make me the happiest.

Kicked Out of Costco

So now we know – when your awesome friend makes you an awesome white board sign, stores may not appreciate it as much as you, even if you’re quiet, polite, and legitimately there to make a purchase. And they might suspect you have a mental disorder.

Indie Week 2013 Recap

I had an awesome time during Independents Week 2013. Over 300 members of Local First Arizona offered 20% discounts to patrons with Golden Coupons. Here’s the rundown of every place I visited last week.

I Met Charlie Todd!

So thank you Charlie. Without you, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

A Year Without Holidays

Sometimes I wonder if not celebrating holidays makes me a scrooge, but I think it makes me an introvert who doesn’t need Hallmark, calendars, or societal pressure to know what days are important to me. I don’t mind if you celebrate holidays; they’re just not for me.

Behind the Scenes at my Legal Rebel Photo Shoot