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Little White Lie

I told a little fib last weekend. The exterior of the buildings in my complex was painted months ago, and then last week, we got an email that said a painter would be on-site over the weekend to paint the edges of our doors and we would have to leave each painted door open to dry for an hour after it was painted.

Did I mention the powers that be decided to do this on a weekend with an excessive heat warning?

I’m coming off a pretty nasty bout of depression and anxiety. Two weekends ago, I was so withdrawn, I wouldn’t even talk to the clerks when I ran my errands and I went dark on Facebook. I didn’t want to deal with a stranger knocking on my door. I didn’t want to inhale paint fumes. And I didn’t want to be forced to sit with my door open when it was 100+ degrees outside. (The complex has the paint so those of us who didn’t get our doors painted this weekend can do it ourselves later.) To keep the painter away, I clipped a little note to my door:

I figured, “it’s just a little white lie so it wouldn’t hurt nobody.” I bet he felt better about passing my place. It seemed like a nicer and more effective note to post than, “I have severe depression and selective mutism. I really don’t want to deal with strangers today. Please go away.”

Either way, it worked. No one knocked on my door while this was posted on my door.

Mission accomplished.

PS – I sent this picture to my friend who is a new mom, and she responded with, “You win all the things.”


  1. Zach says:

    Hi Ruth,

    I came across your post about shin splints from a while back and was hoping you could help. I can see that you are still running and recently completed a marathon so the treatment course of ASTYM and dry needling was helpful? I have been suffering terrible posterior shin splints for over 2 years and have seen many doctors but have been told the same thing over and over again of resting, icing, stretching. I have literally tried everything without success and it has been incredibly frustrating but I have not seen anybody who does ASTYM or dry needling yet. Would you currently recommend those still? I don’t believe that there is anybody in my area that offers both, was one of them more effective for you?

    1. Ruth Carter says:

      I suggest you see a physical therapist and get their opinion. ASTYM, dry needling, and reworking my running stance/gait was enormously helpful for me.