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Irresponsible Dog Walkers

For anyone who doesn’t know, I got a rescue basset hound named Rosie this year. She’s awesome and I love her. We take a walk every day with the exception of days when there’s a dust storm or a rain storm. She’s a darling of the neighborhood. When we go walking, I wear a cross-body bag that holds her pooper scooper bags, a flash light, her water bottle, mace (in case we encounter a coyote), my phone, and my keys.

Shit by margaretshear from Flickr

Shit by margaretshear from Flickr

I’ve noticed there are three types of dog walkers in my neighborhood.

  1. Responsible Dog Walkers: These are the people who carry pooper scooper bags, pick up after their dogs, and put the waste into the trash can.
  2. Traditional Irresponsible Dog Walkers: These people walk their dogs and don’t carry pooper scooper bags. They let their dogs shit wherever they want and never clean it up.
  3. Nontraditional Irresponsible Dog Walkers: These people walk their dogs and carry pooper scooper bags. When their dog poops, they put it in a bag, tie off the top, and toss it to the side of the road.

The nontraditional irresponsible dog walkers baffle me. Their behavior remind me of highway clean-up crews that pick up trash and leave the full bags by the side of the road for the truck to pick up at the end of their shift. Only in this case, there isn’t a dog shit bag removal service in my neighborhood.

Dog poo bags by nicolasnova from Flickr

Dog poo bags by nicolasnova from Flickr

The worst part of cleaning up after your dog is picking up the poop itself – and even that’s not that bad. My regular route with Rosie is just under a mile and we walk out and back. There are 2 dumpsters and 4 communal trash cans along the way (not including the 3 trash cans in the park on the route). You have to walk maybe 2 blocks before you reach the next trash receptacle. There are also 3 bag dispensers on our route so if you forget to grab your pooper scooper bags when you leave the house, you can still clean up after your dog.

I don’t know who the culprits are – the traditional and nontraditional irresponsible dog walkers – but I hope they knock it off soon. It’s unsightly and disgusting.

I remember in high school they used to say if you can’t handle buying condoms, you’re not mature enough to have sex. Likewise, if you can’t handle cleaning up after your dog, you shouldn’t be able to have one.


  1. Dana Caffrey says:

    We have a Labrador. He’s been with us for 2 years now, and we love him so much. I can proudly say that we’re a very responsible dog owner. Whenever we walk them around, we never forget to bring their pooper scooper bags. I just hope that many dog owners will learn to be responsible.

    1. Ruth Carter says:

      Thanks Dana. I wish more dog owners were as responsible as you. Rosie and I went walking today and there was evidence of irresponsible dog walkers on almost every block.

  2. Brian says:

    This is one of my pet peeves too. I used to run laps around the track at a local park and some jackasses would allow their dogs to shit on the track and not clean it up.

    I really think these people are saying Fuck You to society.

    1. Ruth Carter says:

      It definitely suggests a sense of entitlement that I don’t understand. Maybe these are the same people who don’t put their carts away at the grocery store.