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Send Love To Stressed Out Bar Exam Candidates

The July Bar Exam is less than two weeks away.  For people who are taking BarBri to prepare, our lectures and classes are over.  We’re at the point where every day we’re given a topic and a simple instruction – “Memorize.”  It’s hard not to let the panic set in.


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From what I can tell from my classmates on Facebook, we’re all exhausted, stressed, and reaching the point where we just don’t care about these materials anymore.  My day still starts before 6am so I can workout before hitting the books.  I am studying by 7:30am and I spend most of the day going through my flashcards, outlining essay questions, and going through multiple choice questions.  I end my day by spending an hour writing flashcards for other topics.  My goals are to work efficiently these next few weeks and not burn myself out.

These days anything that takes away from studying or my daily routine, like laundry or errands, is a burden.  I’ve recently become aware that studying for the bar has diminished my ability to do normal things.  When I drive somewhere, I have to triple check that I put my car in the proper gear before taking my foot off the brake so I don’t inadvertently crash into another car.

Studying for the bar has definitely made me more irritable.  Everyone is glad that I have limited contact with the public in general.  The stupidest things annoy me.  My friend says I have crankypants.  My family barely hears from me.  My posts of Facebook and rare phone calls prove that I’m alive.  I made a brief cameo at the 4th of July family gathering and left before the fireworks.  I took a rare study break last week to go to Food Truck Friday in downtown Phoenix.  I didn’t realize how tired I was until I saw my friend and gauged my level of energy against his.

This week I realized that what everyone studying for the bar probably needs is a word of encouragement.  We’re focused on studying and don’t have the time to see our family and friends, but it would be wonderful to hear from you.  Please leave a comment for everyone taking the bar exam this month.  It will do wonders for everyone’s spirits just to know that we’re loved and supported while we’re going through academic-professional hell.

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  1. Brian says:

    Hang in there, Ruth. You’ll do well. Cowboys and Aliens opens the weekend after the Bar Exam; you’ll be able to celebrate the completion of your studies by gazing upon the gorgeous Olivia Wilde.

    1. Ruth Carter says:

      Thanks Brian! There’s a beautiful thought – Olivia Wilde.

  2. Mary Beth says:

    Hi! Thanks for linking to me, even if under less than wonderful circumstances… Good luck and God bless your efforts. Hopefully in a few more weeks we will all be looking back on this time and laughing at how crazy we felt [and not doing it again over Christmas holidays].

    1. Ruth Carter says:

      Good luck to you too! I don’t think I’ll be laughing until I get the official word that I passed.

  3. Grant Stedman says:

    Ruth, I know you can do it. I wish I could send you an ice cream or one of your favorite desserts or even your favorite drink. You have more people pulling for you than you had ever imagined. I know your Mom, Dad, brothers and sister are all in your corner, cheering you on. You are loved and you are cherished.

    In less than two weeks, it will be all over. When it is, get some well earned sleep. When you wake up, do something special just for Ruth. You deserve a treat, regardless how you felt you did on the exam. You worked your hardest to make it happen. No one, Ruth….NO ONE could ask more from you than doing your very best.

    You are loved.

    For all of you other classmates, I wish you the same. All of you have families and friends that have held you in high regards with love and respect. Everyone knows what this means to you and those in your corners support you as well, just as I support Ruth as well as her family. I encourage you to remember that when the exam is over, that you, too get rest, then go out and play. You all deserve that time. As I said to Ruth, “No one can ask you more than doing your very best.”

    I close this, to Ruth’s classmates with the same closing words I said to her –

    “You are loved.”