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SALK Day 16 – Tyler Hurst

Today’s sponsor is Tyler Hurst, local copywriter, digital publicist, and blogger.  He’s a bit of a controversial smartass, but he owns it.  He likes to tell his and others’ stories.  It seems like he has good intentions, even when I don’t understand the methods behind his madness.

Tyler sponsored today because this is the day that he and I are both running the P.F. Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, with about 20,000 other people.  I’m grateful he sponsored a day, but I wish he told me what he wanted me to write about.  I figured the least I can do is tell you to check out his blog and follow him on Twitter.

Update:  The race results are in!

  • Tyler: 2:20:11 (great job – especially for your first time!!!)
  • Ruth: 2:06:18 (Win!  And a personal record)

Sponsor A Law Kid is my endeavor to pay for my last semester of law school. Today’s sponsor is Tyler Hurst.   For more information about Sponsor A Law Kid or to see what days are still available for sponsorship, visit my Sponsor A Law Kid page.


  1. Tyler Hurst says:

    I think your write up was just fine. Good luck today!

    1. Ruth Carter says:

      Thanks. Have a great race!

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Tyler Hurst. Tyler Hurst said: RT @rbcarter: Sponsor A Law Kid Day 16 – Tyler Hurst, sponsored by @tdhurst #SALK […]

  3. Tyler Hurst says:

    So I paid you to beat me? Funny interpretations there.

  4. Tyler Hurst says:

    Oh, and it wasn’t my first time. First time after a major injury, but not my first time.

  5. Ruth Carter says:

    Thanks for the correction – great time for your first race back!