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Seven Layers of Academic Hell

A week before my 1L fall semester finals, I hit the wall studying and was inspired to write the seven layers of academic hell to describe the process of studying for exams.

Day 62 - Fire Demon

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  1. Procrastination: I don’t want to study.
  2. Frustration: Studying is hard.  Grrrr.
  3. Caffeination: I can induce motivation through chemistry.
  4. Horror: I’m overwhelmed by all the studying I have to do.
  5. Panic: There’s no way I can learn/remember all this.
  6. Mental Disintegration: I’d care more if I could think clearly.
  7. Fuck It: I don’t care anymore.

Fuck It doesn’t mean that you’ve given up.  Fuck It means you’ve given up the drama of freaking out before finals.  It means that you know what you know, and it will be enough to pass the class.  Fuck It is being ok with not setting the curve in every class.  It is not letting your nerves or other people get to you.  It means doing your best and letting the chips fall where they may.

Good luck on your finals everyone!!

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Where does cowering in the corner, rocking back and forth on your heels while holding your knees fit in?
    (says the person reading your blog with 15 hours before her final and a half-done outline. Fuck it.)

    1. Ruth Carter says:

      you should be fine as long as you can say something intelligent about the subject matter. finals are just a stepping stone towards the bar. all that really matters is that you pass. good luck.

  2. I felt exactly everyone of those levels for the past two weeks. I am so thankful that tonight was my last final. To not have nothing to do for a month is great!!

  3. amy pennock says:

    With one more paper to turn in, I’m on level 7. A couple of weeks ago, I skipped #5 and went straight to #6. If I skip a step, does that make me a gifted student?

    1. Ruth Carter says:

      I’d say it makes you gifted or just wiser than most. I passed over layers 4 & 5 pretty fast & accepted that I’m going to get everything done & pass all my classes. It just may not be a pretty process. Good luck finishing up your semester!!